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What's the best security camera system for your small business in Saginaw?

February 12, 2024
Modern security camera and shoppers at grocery store

Whether you have an auto garage, a retail store, or office, you must keep close watch on all that’s going on at your business. Video cameras are critical and should be included in your total security system. But what features should you get? Learn how the proper security camera system for your small business in Saginaw can boost your protection and convenience.

Online access is crucial for small business owners

Small business owners generally have multiple roles at a company. Besides leading the every day operations, you could be involved in marketing, accounting, and many other activities. You need a security camera system that accommodates your hectic schedule and off-site access is crucial. Modern systems permit you to check live video and saved footage from anywhere with a convenient security app loaded onto your smartphone or mobile device. They’ll also send important notifications directly to your smartphone, 24-7.

Benefits of leading security camera systems in Saginaw

How clear is the video? How wide is the field of vision? What happens when a camera detects suspicious movement? Those are a few vital questions to entertain when deciding on a security camera system for your small business in Saginaw.

Choose cameras with functionality that suits your location. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to get from top options:

  • HD 4K video footage
  • Broad viewing angles up to 120 degrees or more
  • Night vision functionality
  • Straightforward access to real-time streams and saved video
  • Wireless or wired installations
  • Smart cameras that can tell the difference between people, cars, and animals
  • Motion sensors
  • Immediate alerts sent to smartphones

Note that interior surveillance devices usually have shorter lenses with wider fields of view. Taking that into account, you can find indoor security cameras with 150-degree viewing. This wider perspective will help you watch over products, people, and important locations like sales counters.

Actively prevent crime at your small business in Saginaw

Your small business ought to be protected day and night. While the appearance of a surveillance system is enough to scare away many thieves, you can elevate your defense even more with devices that actively thwart theft. Some leading outdoor cameras use distinct warnings to stop criminals and shield your business. You could even connect your cameras to other equipment. For example, if your surveillance system discovers someone lurking, it can trigger lights to switch on - while also alerting you of what’s going on.

Find the best security camera system for your Saginaw small business from Vivint

Turn to the security experts at Vivint and get the best defense for your Saginaw small business. Our advanced video cameras offer all the features you need, including wide fields of vision, night vision, and active deterrents. You’ll enjoy prompt notifications and effortless off-site access to recorded segments and live footage. Call (989) 461-3399 today and customize a fully integrated security system for your property.